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Complete Introduction of Huawei P9 Camera

By Avery Pacheco, 22/07/2016, updated on 21/01/2022

Huawei has released its latest flagship Huawei P9. We have taken a closest look at the flagship in our post. In today's guide, we will give a complete introduction of Huawei P9 camera so that you can use your Huawei P9 well to take photos.

RGB and Monochrome Photography

Huawei P9 Photo

The RGB and Monochrome Photography technology debuted last year. The technology is developed based on slight difference between two cameras at the back of the panel and the improvement of the algorithm. Dual cameras bring better image than single camera.

The color camera applied RGBG CMOS is able to capture multicolor in the fame. Another camera, which is called Monochrome, has deprecated the color filters on the CMOS. The amount of the light that comes in is several times of that into the RGBG CMOS. All the light came into the sensor can be captured. So it can effectively improve the pixel of the camera. These factors combine to greatly enhance the P9 camera.

Improve Colors of Details

Huawei P9 Photo Details

When it comes back to Huawei P9, CMOS of P9's dual camera is IMX286, which is specially designed by Sony. Pixel of IMX286 is up to 12MP, with density of 1.25μm per unit. However, the area of the CMOS is unknown.

The main camera of Huawei P9 participates in shooting and creating the image while the other one is responsible for detecting the depth of field. This can make it possible to capture before focusing. In a word, the dual rear camera is able to improve the image quality and the amount of light.

How does Huawei P9 dual rear camera work? According to our test, the camera at the left is Monochrome while the one at the right is RGB. When shooting with the standard mode, both cameras take part in creating image. If you use the monochrome filter built-in, IMAGESmart 5.0 algorithm will help deal with the black-white picture.

Use Huawei P9 to Take Photos

Open the camera app in Huawei P9. Then right slide the camera interface to activate the menu. You can shoot picture with standard camera, monochrome camera, beauty mode, and more.

Huawei P9 camera supports pro mode, in which you can adjust the light metering mode, including over-all integral metering, center weighted averaging metering and spot metering. Focus includes AF-S, AF-C, and MF. Manual focus can help you create spot effect when shooting at night and in low-light condition. In addition, the white balance mode supports color temperature ranging from 2800K to 7000K.

Huawei P9 Photo Color Temperature

Huawei P9 has a special RBG mode, which is identical with Leica digital camera. And the camera has a big aperture which ranges from f/0.95 to f/16. In addition, you can add exclusive Huawei P9 watermark on your photos if you want.

Huawei 09 Watermark