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Take Superior Photos with Huawei P9

By Avery Pacheco, 12/04/2016, updated on 21/01/2022

At the launch event in London, Huawei officially unveiled the latest flagship smartphone Huawei P9 and P9 Plus. The company has cooperated with LEICA, producing a smartphone with superior camera technology, which can rival the world's top smartphone brands. You can use your Huawei P9 well to take photos.


At the event, Yu Chengdong, the CEO of Huawei, unveiled that "What feature Huawei P are the look and the camera." Besides the improved appearance, P9 is also highlighted by the all-new camera. The dual Leica camera is 12pixel and it is equipped with IMX286. There are two sensors – One is monochrome sensor while another is color. The RGB lens majors in capturing colors whereas the monochrome one can shoot details of the scene. The laser focusing module ensures fast and accurate focusing when shooting a photo.

Moreover, the camera interface is extremely clear. Features that are not commonly used are hidden. In addition to the standard mode, the camera offers other mode, such as Soft, allowing users to take color-rich photos. You can enrich your photos with a mighty adjustment.

Huawei P9 Camera App Interface

Additionally, Huawei P9 supports taking black-and-white photos and photos of night scene in details. And the camera is able to capture your smiling accurately. All features behaviors well, particularly the night mode.

But how does Huawei P9 performs in the real world? Does it meet our expectation?

When lighting is adequate, Huawei P9 performs well as it can capture details both in the dark and the light, making the pictures look natural. It is the dual camera that mostly contributes to it.

Huawei P9 Photo Outdoor

The dual camera is also good at capturing a picture of an object in short distance. Even though with the standard mode, P9 camera can also help blur the background and let the subject stand out.

Huawei P9 Photo at Night

When photographing at night, Huawei P9 also delivers satisfactory performance. Pictures shot by the Leica camera are excellent in terms of brightness and color.