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HTC 10's Photography Tips

By Avery Pacheco, 14/04/2016, updated on 21/01/2022

After months of leak and conjecture, now the HTC 10 is here. This new flagship is definitely worthy of your attention particularly because of the improved camera - HTC 10 carries a 12MP Ultra Pixel 2 generation camera with a 1.55um pixel size, a very wide f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, and "2x wider range and fast" laser autofocus. Read on and get to know HTC 10's photography tips.

Dual OIS

It is HTC 10 that first introduces OIS (for Optical image stabilization) to the Android camera. This technology can reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera or other imaging device during exposure, resulting in bright, sharp, and steady pictures no matter you snap photos with the front or the rear camera.

HTC 10 Dual OIS

Low Light Performance

HTC 10 camera has a strong ability of capturing light because of the UltraPixel sensor with OIS and a bright f1.8 lens. It gives up to 136% more light than other Android camera so you can snap high-quality photos in the poor light. The camera can shoot high-resolution picture even in low light.

HTC 10 Low Light Performance

Better Selfies

HTC 10 camera can be one of the most popular for those who like shooting selfies. Because of a large pixel sensor, a f/1.8 lens and a screen flash, the selfies shot by the front camera are brighter and richer. The wide-angle camera allows people in the photo.

HTC 10 Better Selfies

4K Video and Hi-Res Audio Recording

You can record 4K videos and preserve the fantastic moments in your daily life. Besides, HTC 10 first introduce 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording into the Android world. Users can shoot 256 times more details across twice the frequency range. With HTC 10, you can record a concert with 4K videos and Hi-Res Audio which are just like being there.

But please note that audios and videos will occupy much phone memory. You can transfer and save these media files from HTC to PC.

HTC 10 4K Videos

Focus Photos Quickly

HTC 10's camera can be activated within 0.6 seconds. The UltraPixel 2 generation laser autofocus shortens the focusing time. So, it is easy to capture a moving subject, such as the flying flag, the running car, and more. Quick focusing allows you to capture every moment.

HTC 10 Focus Quickly

Write in the end

HTC declares that HTC 10 camera the best ever smartphone for shooting photos and videos, which is equally great to that Samsung Galaxy S7. So what's your opinion? Before coming up with your comment, you can navigate Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge camera.