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After Using Nexus 6P for a Few Months

By Avery Pacheco, 21/01/2022, updated on 16/06/2022

Nexus 6P was unveiled in September, 2015. That new-phone smell has gone away. Till now, many have got one. What about you? How do you feel about Nexus 6P? And do you want to know other users' experience? Here are some feedbacks from users after using Nexus 6P for a few months.

Nexus 6P


1. Each page of the screen is able to contain 25 apps icons. So you can arrange your app icon easily.

2. The Back, Home and Multitask button are visual, which is much more sensitive than the physical one. Furthermore, the physical button is easy to get wore.

3. The fingerprint lock is much more convenient than the pin code as well password which was applied to the old flagships.

4. Equipped with Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 chipset, the phone runs fast and smoothly.Nexus 6P


  • The phone doesn't show you the quality of unread messages from chat apps on the desktop.
  • The phone comes without the physical menu button. And most visual menu button of apps are positioned at the upper right corner. This brings uncomfortable pressing experience when holding the phone with one hand only.
  • You are not allowed to selectively delete messages in the Google Messenger in bulk. What you can do is delete all with one click or remove them one by one.
  • The search feature is not so smart that you cannot locate a contact by entering the uncomplete phone number.

Opinions from user - Tomas Michiels"Well I had mine for a little over a month or so now and still really enjoying. The battery seems probably one of the best. The finger print scanner works extremely well and fast. I have the 64 GB version and send right for me. Screen is good I catch up on my shows at the gym. The only complaint I have is that I wish USB type c was more common but that will change with time. Really good signal also on Verizon's network."

So, what's your opinion? Let us know!