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Why Can't I Download Apps from Google Play Store

By Avery Pacheco, 15/03/2017, updated on 14/01/2022

According to a research on Tune, the average American user downloads at least 1.5 apps per month. That probably seems a bit lower than you expected it would be. Actually, we download a bunch of apps at the time when we upgraded a smart phone, and then we barely download any apps. Perhaps it isn't true of your conditions, but it's commonplace.

However, for some Android users, they're facing a problem that Google Play Store cannot download apps even if they just make one download demand within a month. Such an annoyance is unexpected. Thankfully, there are always methods to deal with troubles like that. In terms of device storage, network connection and Play Store issue, here come different troubleshootings. Please read on and pick one for yourself.

Simple Trick: To Restart Android Phones at First

I already forgot how many times I've mentioned this simple workaround. Rebooting a device gives a fresh start and it's really helpful especially for small glitches like this one. So, please follow me and bring your handset a brand new start.

Step 1. Press and hold down the "Power" button until the menu pops up.

Step 2. Tap "Power off" or "Restart" if that is an option for you.

Step 3. Touch "OK" to confirm.Note that you can try hard reboot as press and hold the "Power" button until your device turns on again if necessary.

Restart Android

Part 1: Methods Related to Device Storage Problem

Since it take space to download and install apps on Android phones, the process might go wrong if the storage is low or even insufficient. If you still get enough memory on devices, skip this section. Otherwise, please take a look at the suggestions as to free up storage.

1. Uninstall apps you don't use.

It's like taking a bunch of umbrellas in a rainy day but you're not selling them or doing something else, so REMOVE them.

2. Delete apps that take up much storage.

Go to "Settings" > "Storage" > ("Used space") > "Apps", and check out whether there are apps that you don't use it often but take up much.

3. Clear up photos, videos and songs

Please delete those insignificant media files from your Android devices. If you accidentally remove some items, there is a way to recover deleted data from Android devices.

4. Transfer files from Android to computer instead of storing in phone

If there are still a lot of things that you're reluctant to delete, it's not a bad idea to copy Android content to computer.

Clean Junks Storage

Part 2: Network Connection Problem

Probably it's network connection that makes such a nuisance especially when connected to an unsteady Wi-Fi. In order to solve issues related to network connection. Please try the following steps one by one.

1. Enable and disable Airplane mode on Android

Airplane mode will temporarily shut down all network connections and re-connect to network when on. Go to "Settings" > "Airplane mode", and toggle on & off the bar.

2. Use mobile internet instead

Wi-Fi is undoubtedly helpful most of the time. However, sometimes it acts up and fails to connect internet. So, if you're staying in the service area, it's better to turn off the Wi-Fi connection and use mobile data instead.

3. Reset Wi-Fi router

If you insist on using Wi-Fi connection, you might have to restart your router and see whether it works afterwards.

Reset Wi-Fi router

Part 3: Methods on Google Play Store Issue

In some cases, Google Play Store is the one to be blame. Here are some methods you can try to get your Play Store working again.

1. Force the Play Store to Stop

Try to force stop Google Play Store in the first place. Please click "Settings" and select "Apps"/"Application manager". Next, locate "Google Play Store" and touch it. Then, choose "Force stop" button.

Force Stop Play Storer

2. Clear Cache & Data of the Play Store

It's also effective to address the problem via clearing cache and data of Google Play Store. Please follow the steps. Go to "Settings" app and choose "Apps/Application manager". Click "Google Play Store" and then touch "Storage". There are two buttons. Please tap them to remove cache and data.

Clear Cache Data

3. Update Google Play Store

Another possibility is that the Google Play Store is outdated and needs an update. Please launch the "Play Store" app Play. Then, click "Menu" and head to "My Apps". Now, scroll and look for "Google Play Store" labeled "Update". If there is an update, please tap and upgrade your Play Store.

Does this guide help you out? If you have any ideas or misgivings, don't bother to tell me. You're always welcome.